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  • Hidden Meanings in Children’s Songs

    Most of us grew up with stories and songs written for children. Over the past decade, Hollywood’s been turning those same materials into more mature versions on the big screen. Snow White became The Huntsman, Sleeping Beauty became Maleficent, and The Snow Queen became the very popular Frozen. Along with this awakening came the realization […]

  • Elkanah, A Man In Love

    ( The following story was inspired by a study of 1 Samuel 1-8 … ) Elkanah was Hannah’s husband and he loved her greatly. He loved Hannah so much that he always gave her a double portion to offer to the Lord every year, despite her failure to produce any children for him. He loved […]

  • The Problem of a Romanticized Religion

    ( The following story was inspired by a study of 1 Samuel 1-28 … ) The Book of Samuel began with the story of a family of Levites and a woman call Hannah who could not give birth. During those times, people viewed barrenness negatively because the Bible clearly says that a blessed people will […]

  • The Book of Samuel – An Exegesis

    The two books of Samuel was originally just one book in the Hebrew Bible. It was divided into two books in the Greek version of the Bible, the Septuagint.  Despite its name, the Book of Samuel is not about the prophet Samuel. It is not even just about what Samuel saw, but a collection of […]