No School Today

No School Today

My three year old skipped school today because of a cold. He had been on an excursion with his class yesterday and must have caught a virus or something. Happy to be at home, he slithers into my study room ( I work from home ) every so often just to see what I was doing. He will ask me questions and bring me toys but it will end with him trying to commandeer my seat, my desk and my computer in an attempt to become me. It was both adorable and irritating because I had to work.

I have very little memory of what is was like when I was three. All I recall were impressions from old black and white family photos which there were only a few. There was me playing with a toy car, me sitting in a bigger toy car, and me attending my own birthday party. I always looked surprised in those photos, like I was totally absorbed in what I was doing right before I was called to look at the camera and have that moment captured.

Today I have thousands of photographs of my three year old taken since the hour he was born. He will have so much memories of his childhood when he grows up but I’m not sure if he will cherish it as much as the few photos I have of mine. One thing I think he will cherish is his time at home, now that three year olds have to go to full day school unless they catch a cold like today.

Reliving your childhood

Having children is like getting a second chance at reliving your childhood. You get to talk like a child, play like a child, and if you really take the time, to see the world for the first time again like a child sees it.

You get to stare at a full moon like it’s the brightest thing in the night sky, and count the stars hiding behind the trees and tall buildings. You play with shadows formed by the morning sun across the bedroom walls and appreciate the sight and sound of rain drops dancing on the window sill. You learn about the giant lizards that roamed the forest under your bed and rediscover the monsters still hiding in your storeroom. Even though I don’t own a sports car nor a private jet, I have won and lost hundreds of races around the house, and have fought and beaten so many evil robots and saved the world from their world dominating ambitions.

Every night before bedtime, I get to travel by train to exotic places through the stories shared with my three year old. We have crossed many continents by boat and explore the deepest oceans filled with whales and sharks of all varieties and ferocity. We have yet to visit Mars, but we have studied the constellations and explored the many transportation and rockets to get us there when we are ready. We are taking our time to do our research because we think it will be a one way trip as is just too big to cover in one night. The world is such a huge place to explore when you travel with a three year old, and become a three year at the same time.

My three year old just wandered into my study room again with that cheeky look on his face. He spotted the old photo album on my desk and asked me what that was ( He had only looked at photos through a mobile phone ). I asked him if he is ready to go on an adventure together. He grinned like there was no tomorrow and jumped onto my lap. “Daddy, I’m ready!”

“Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” – Psalm 127:3

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