These are The Breaks…

These are The Breaks…

Everyone feels discouraged once in a while, everyone that tries to make things better that is.

Happy are those that have given up. Nothing bothers them anymore because it is always someone else’s responsibility, someone else’s job. To be free from commitment and have nothing to answer for can be liberating. Just like what Kim Ki-taek shared with his son in the Korean movie Parasite: “You know what kind of plan never fails? No plan. No plan at all.

For the rest of us who cares and still hangs on to hope, that ‘liberty’ is like poison. To give in to the way things are because it is easier, to let things be because it has always been like that, eats at our conscience. And so we fight on. We make our plans, we seek divine help, and we do our little best to make a difference. Maybe it will work, most likely not, but that’s how we function. We just cannot help it. We just cannot live in a world where people do not care.

Rich Mullins was someone I knew that cared. As if writing inspirational Christian music that encouraged millions isn’t enough, Rich gave away all of his royalties to his church in exchange for a regular salary, and still find ways to help the poor living at the Navajo reservation, teaching music and giving away his belongings whenever he can. Even with such a legacy, Rich remains humble and never professed to know what he’s doing other than it was an attempt to emulate the love he discovered through Jesus Christ. Rich confessed that he is but a tool for God to make a difference in this broken world. And if it really makes a difference, then those are just the breaks…

Here’s one of Rich Mullin’s video performing a newly written song called “The Breaks” at a friend’s home. As much as a lone-musician type as he was, Rich loves to be in the company of friends. sharing his life and his songs. Sadly this would be one of his last gatherings with friends. Rich passed away in a car accident just 2 weeks later.

The Breaks

Here is my heart take what you want
Cause I have no use for it anyway
Well of all the stupid things I’ve ever said
This could be the worst may be the best
But those are the breaks
These are the bruises
And if I can’t give myself away I’m the only one who loses
And I don’t want to lose this


It is the sea that makes the sailor
And the land that shapes the sea
And I do not know yet what I am made of
Or all I may someday be
And it is the wood that makes a carpenter
It’s the very tools of his trade
And it is love that makes a lover
And a cross that makes a saint

Here is my song, listen if you will
But I have no heart for it anymore
I just have half a mind to cut it loose
And if it sails off into the blue
Then I’ll just let it soar
And the sky is better keeping
And I won’t be any poorer
For giving it its freedom
And here’s one for freedom

(Repeat Chorus)

Well, of all the stupid things I’ve ever said
This could be the worst may be the best
But those are the breaks

Image Credit: Photo by Roman Carey from Pexels

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